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What we do
We will deliver projects both in Switzerland and internationally. We will achieve this through partnering with like-minded Rotarians and clubs locally and abroad and by leveraging across borders the many skills and dedicated people, who together can make a real impact. We will utilize technology to maximize our impact where possible and welcome a broad range of partners who share our common values.

Our Vision
Our Rotary Club positively impacts life of the less fortunate through our service activities, powered by a diverse member base and acting in the ‘Here and Now.’
We inspire and support each other to achieve this goal through fellowship and fun.

Our Mission
We are convinced that with the activities of our committed members, we can contribute to make our world more diverse and sustainable and to promote intercultural and intergenerational integration. By having the option to participate in our bi-weekly meetings online, we are able to perfectly balance Rotary, work and family.


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